Public Airfield

10,600 ft., 200 ft. Wide Runway with Full Instrument Approach

Airfield Manager

The McClellan Airfield Manager is available Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:30 and can be reached by calling (916) 292-8135.


Latitude 38′ 40′ 03″ N. Longitude 121′ 24′ 02″ W.

Traffic Advisory

McClellan Airfield is an uncontrolled airfield (No Tower), in Class E Airspace.

The Airport is approved for day and night use.

Pilots of aircraft arriving, departing, or operating within 10 nautical miles of McClellan Airfield should make a standard Common Traffic Advisory Frequency broadcast on 122.975 MHz.

Sacramento Approach: 119.1 · NorCal Approach and Departure: 127.4

ILS RWY 16 · VOR/DME RWY 16/34

Designated Traffic pattern is as follows

Left Traffic RWY 34, Right Traffic RWY 16, Calm Wind RWY 16, 1000 Feet AGL

 McClellan Jet Services Sacramento FBO

Runway/Other Important Rules

The runway is lighted. The Procedures for activating Pilot-Controlled Lighting (PCL) are as follows:

  • Key Mike 3 times – Approach, Runway and Taxiway lights at step 1, No Sequenced Flashers.
  • Key Mike 5 times – Approach, Runway and Taxiway lights at step 3, No Sequenced Flashers.
  • Key Mike 7 times – Approach, Runway and Taxiway lights at Step 5, Plus the Sequenced.

Runway 16 instrument landing system is unmonitored.

The Airport has a rotating beacon.

The Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) is transmitted across on the Very High Frequency Omni – Directional Radio Range (VOR) 109.2. AWOS: 125.975 (can also be reached by dialing 916-641-1272).